The 6 benefits of Yoga and Meditation

The 6 benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Often told as a gift from the East, yoga and meditation has some amazing benefits for your skin as well apart from smoothening your mind and helping you tackle your daily worries. Calming your mind helps you keep in terms with life and helps you be more stable. If you are looking to make some important decisions in your life, you need to take it when you are in a calm and stable mind – and yoga and meditation helps you achieve exactly that.

The benefits of yoga and meditation cannot be emphasized enough as they are the simplest key to a healthy body and mind which is fit and relaxed by all means. The rest that meditation offers is far deeper than that attained in sleep and calms the mind like never before. You too will resort to yoga and meditation once you understand its innumerous benefits.

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The first major benefit of yoga and meditation is that it helps prevent stress from building up in your system and also releases the accumulated stress in your body. As this happens, you start feeling refreshed, joyful and happy in your own self.

Physical Benefits

Yoga and meditation are extremely helpful in reducing excess weight and giving way to a fit and healthy body. One starts to feel lighter than before. It also lowers high blood pressure, reduces anxiety attacks and decreases all tension-related pain in different parts of the body. Meditation has been proven to improve your mood and boost positive behavior. The immune system too gets a good boost and becomes stronger than before. Meditation increases your energy level and inner energy source.

Mental Benefits

There are many mental benefits of meditation as well. It helps to decrease anxiety and depression and increase emotional stability, creativity and happiness inside you. Intuitions develop when meditation is practiced regularly and one also gains clarity and peace of mind. The mind becomes much sharper than before as it gains focus and expands. You start becoming perfect in all that you do as your conscious too expands along with the mind.

Emotional steadiness

You start feeling emotionally steady as all the negativity or bad thoughts that surround you and make you feel overwhelmed or unstable are completely done away with. It brings in harmony to the planet as a whole as the space in which you meditate or do yoga becomes calm and joyous, thereby passing on positive waves to those around you.

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Consciousness evolves

With regular yoga and meditation, your consciousness slowly evolves and you might be able to experience a higher state of it within a few years. When this happens, the disturbances or negative aspects of your life start moving away from you and you start living in the present instead of the past. Emotions such as anger or jealousy lessen day by day and ultimately vanish from your life.


You will experience a huge self-transformation with the help of yoga and meditation. You go deeper into answering questions like – What is life’s meaning? What is its sole purpose? What is love and knowledge? You try to understand the questions and its answers and while doing so you reach a higher level of life transformation.

How to naturally detox the body

Some Amazing Ways to Naturally Detoxify Your Body


Detox or detoxification is a process by which one can remove all the toxic substances from his or her body. A full detox makes the body more energetic and the mind more focused. Here are simple ways to naturally detox the body at home. While you might believe that carrying out detoxification isn’t an easy job and you might require the help of a professional, some of these techniques are really easy to carry out. While it is always advisable to go to a professional the first time, you might not need to go to him every time you need a detox done. In fact, some of the methods can be done entirely by you, and easily!

Fruit Detox

A fruit detox is considered to be one of the best as it allows the person to detox himself without starving. A fruit detox increases your energy levels, helps get rid of excess weight and also reduces chances of getting a stroke by making the heart healthy. Fruit detox can be of 2 types; one where you eat a variety of fruits during the detox process and the other where you eat only one fruit. It is advisable to keep your fruit detox within a span of 7 days at the maximum.

Focus on citrus fruits such as tangerines, oranges, lemons and grapefruit which have a high detoxifying power are great for a fruit detox. You can eat them in combination with other fruits as well. Alternately you can try a grape-only detox which is great for the body. This fruit is very rich in resveratrol and helps prevent cancer, diabetes and blood clots. It is also rich in Vitamin C and potassium.

Liquid Fast

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Another great way to naturally detox the body is opt for a liquid diet for a period of 3 days. Consume only liquids such as water, tea, vegetable juice, fruit juice and protein shakes to get that added strength. Such a fast helps to lose a lot of weight as it restricts your caloric intake drastically. Liquids can help clean the body and get rid of toxins rapidly.

In order to provide your body with proper nourishment and strength, it is advisable to include some fruits in your liquid fast. If not you might start feeling weak and faintish by the end of the first day. If the liquid fast is being done just to lose weight, one should eat a low-calorie diet after the fast is complete or you will gain all the lost weight back.

Fruits and Vegetables Detox

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A 7-day fruit and vegetable detox is absolutely perfect as it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients which keep the body healthy. Eat the following food items that create a superb diet. Eat soybeans, blueberries, artichokes, kidney and black beans and apples to get fiber from them. Carrots, lima beans, bananas, cooked green vegetables, sweet and white potatoes contain a lot of potassium.

In order to get Vitamin C, focus on consuming strawberries, kiwis, cauliflower, kale, oranges, tomatoes, mangoes and bell peppers. Eat cooked spinach, asparagus, oranges, melons and black-eyed peas to get folate from them. Lastly, don’t forget olives, avocados and coconut to get your share of good fats.

Skin Soft the Natural Way by Oro Gold

Making Your Skin Soft the Natural Way

It doesn’t matter which moisturizer you may use with gold or without, if you’re not in sync with what your body needs, you won’t have that skin that’s soft and glowing. Yes, moisturizers do help you in keeping your skin nice and healthy but if you’re not able to understand what your skin needs, you just wouldn’t be able to buy the right skin care products as well.

Understanding what your skin needs starts right from employing the right natural methods to help your skin achieve that youthful look.

Skin problems are common

Most people complain of rough and dry skin and no matter how many skin-smoothing products they apply, they can never make their skin soft and smooth to touch and feel. We offer some simple ways to make the skin soft without using any harmful chemicals or products that the market is full of.

Regular cleansing

You must clean your skin twice everyday as dirty and clogged skin pores can make the skin rough and dry. Use a moisturizing body wash and cool water during a shower. Use facial cleansers which have natural ingredients in it. Use a soft sponge to scrub.

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Weekly exfoliation removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil build-up and helps the skin retain it good condition. Use an exfoliating homemade scrub for best results. Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar and honey and scrub on the whole body. Use a loofah to exfoliate and scrub well for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and pat dry.

Moisturize everyday

No matter what time of the day or night you take a shower, never forget to moisturize the skin with a good-quality natural moisturizer. If your skin is not moisturized it will look dry and rough and can never become smooth. As soon as you are done with the shower, pat yourself semi-dry and apply the moisturizing generously. It is at this time that the cream or lotion gets absorbed fully.

Protect skin when outdoors

A very important step to make skin soft is by protecting it when you move out of your home during the day. Sun rays can be extremely harmful to your body and make the skin rough and itchy. Wear protective clothing such as hat or scarf to prevent the face from being affected from the UV rays. Wear full sleeves clothes and apply a good quality sunscreen lotion when leaving home.

Bedtime considerations

Always moisturize your skin before going off to sleep as this will help the moisturizer work well while you rest and make the skin smoother than before. Avoid hot water showers, especially in the evenings as it can roughen up the skin and make it drier than before.

Milk and honey bath

A simple and effectively natural way to get soft skin is to take a honey and milk bath once every fortnight. Run some hot water in your bath tub which is enough for you to soak in. Add half a liter of milk into it along with 3 tablespoons of fresh honey. If you have some vitamin E oil in the house, add in 4 drops of the same. Soak yourself in it for 15 minutes. Come out of the bathtub, rinse off extra water and touch your skin to find it soft and silky.

Sweet honey in glass jars with honeycombs and bottle of milk iso

Remember to use moisturizers and anti serums as well. They will help you maintain your skin always. What’s more, with the right skin care product, you can just achieve that glow a lot faster.

OROGOLD On Sweet Food Products Effect On The Skin

How do Sweet Food Products Harm the Skin?

Everything that’s sweet may not be nice, at least not when you take it all the time.

Eating too many sweets can lead to trouble for your stomach and body as it can give rise to health issues such as obesity, heart diseases and even high blood sugar. However, along with the body, the skin also suffers tremendously if you intake too much sweet food on a regular basis. You should know the harmful effects of consuming foods rich in sugar content.

orogold on sweet foods harming the skin

A look at how sweet products affects your skin

Many experts around the world suggest excess consumption of sugar makes the skin rough, dull and wrinkled leading to early-aging and unhealthy skin. A natural process glycation makes the consumed sugar enter your bloodstream and helps it to attach to the proteins. These together form new harmful molecules known as Advanced Glycation End products or AGEs. The more sugar you intake, the more AGEs develop.

They begin to accumulate and damage nearby proteins as well. This AGEs cause immense damage to protein fibers which keep the skin firm and elastic and are known as collagen and elastin. Collagen being the most prevalent protein in human body gets the most affected too. Wrinkles start to appear and the skin starts sagging once the collagen becomes resilient and springy and the elastin brittle and dry due to the damage caused. After the age of 35, a woman starts to experience the aging effects which increasing quite rapidly thereafter.

Having a high sugar diet will not help

A high-sugar diet also affects the collagen type in your skin apart from damaging it. This type of collagen has a direct effect on making the skin less resistant to wrinkling. Type 1, 2 and 3 are the most commonly found collagens in our skin with Type 3 being the longest lasting and most stable amongst them all. The process of glycation transforms this healthy Type 3 collagen into fragile and harmful Type 1 which leads less supple and rough skin. It results in the AGEs deactivating the natural antioxidant enzymes in our skin and making it susceptible to sun damage and aging.

People who are suffering from diabetes can truly explain how damaging and harmful sugar can be for the body. If you are suffering from diabetes but the disease goes undetected for a long time, you might soon show signs of early-aging much earlier than your 30’s. Dermatologists reveal that patients of diabetes can have up to 50 times more AGEs in their skin when compared to non-diabetic individuals.

So, what do you do?

It all boils down to how you carry on with your lifestyle. Yes, everybody loves chocolates, or for that matter, anything sweet. Even if you are in love with the heritage of an Old Monk, you would still have a love for that chocolate shake drink. No, we do not advise you to compromise on what you love – the talk’s about moderation.

Yes, by eating a well-balanced diet that is free from sugar-enriched items and by using the right skin care products on a regular basis, you can undo the sugar-damaged skin. Use serums and lotions that contain retinoids in them as this helps build new collagen in the body. Get back that young-looking and healthy skin and this time, maintain it by saying no to sugar.

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AHAs and BHAs for Proper Skin Care

Why we need Proper Skin Care?

proper-skin-care-tipsAs most of the people try to look good and desire to have glowing, beautiful skin, taking proper care of their skin is necessary. Since our skin can suffer from various skin problems, we need to take skin care more seriously in order to alleviate the problems. To make our skin look its best, we need to ensure well-being of our precious skin. With aging, our body starts to become inactive. Our skin can also get affected significantly by the aging process. Therefore, you need proper skin care practice to prevent aging of your skin. There are numerous skincare products available which can be totally effective in providing proper skin care. To boost the re-nourishment and rejuvenation of your skin, you must incorporate a healthy standard of living along with the skin maintenance routine.

Importance of Skincare Products

Since skincare products are really important for our skin, we need to ensure that they consist of the right ingredients. The most common ingredients that exist in the skincare products are the hydroxy acids. These active ingredients help in reducing the manifestation of fine lines, improving acne, reducing discoloration of skin, and providing a radiant, healthy glow. The usage of hydroxy acids has been popular from time immemorial. The most frequently used hydroxy acids include a) Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs and b) Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHAs.

Know about Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs

The AHAs are the class of compounds which consist of one carboxylic acid that is substituted with one hydroxyl group. These compounds can either be synthetic or occur naturally. The AHAs are extensively used in cosmetics industry. The compounds are often included in the products which claim to reduce signs of aging or wrinkles, and improve the beauty of your skin in general. These chemical compounds are also utilized in the form of chemical peels, which are available in the beauty/health spas, home kits, or in the dermatologist’s office. Some of the commonly utilized AHAs include mandelic acid, lactic acid (exists in the sour milk), glycolic acid (exists in the sugar cane), tartaric acid (exists in the grapes), and citric acid (exists in the citrus fruits).

Different kinds of AHAs are applied topically in order to remove the dead skin cells, enhancing your photo-aged skin’s appearance, treating acne, improving the condition of acne scars, and smoothing or moisturizing the skin. These chemicals are also effective in treating skin darkening (melasma), an inherited disease accompanied with scaly, dry skin (ichthyosis), and extremely dry skin or xerosis. If these conditions prevail in pregnant women, they are known as “mask of pregnancy”. AHAs are very good in providing effective skin care because they help in removing top layers of the dead skin cells. The compounds also promote firmness of the deeper skin layers by increasing their thickness.

Uses of AHAs

Some of the possible uses of AHAs include the following:

  • When used topically in the form of a lotion or cream, AHAs are effective in treating sun damage. However, the AHA peels is not ideally suited for this purpose.
  • When applied in the form of a lotion or cream, AHAs can treat dry skin.
  • This compound is effective against acne when used topically in the form of a lotion or cream.
  • AHAs can treat acne scars if applied topically in the form of a lotion or facial peel. You can improve the condition of acne scars by applying glycolic acid in the form of a lotion or facial peel. It has been found that 70 percent glycolic acid in the form of peels work better than application of 15 percent glycolic acid in lotions. For those who cannot endure facial peels should opt for the 15 percent glycolic acid in lotions.
  • When malic acid, a specific AHA, is utilized together with magnesium, it can help to reduce the tenderness and pain caused by the condition called fibromyalgia.
  • The chemical compound can effectively cure the pigmentation that is associated with a certain skin disorder, known as melasma. People suffering from mixed-type and epidermal-type melasma can effectively lessen unwanted skin coloration by applying topically  10 percent glycolic acid in the form of lotions for about 2 weeks and then following it up with the facial peeling program that includes 50 percent glycolic acid. You can continue this peeling program for about 3 consecutive months.
  • Although we need more evidence about its effectiveness, AHA is also applied for treating ichthyosis. This is actually a skin disorder which causes scaly and dry skin.

Types of AHAs and their Uses

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid mostly occurs in the following forms:

  • Glycolic acid: This kind of AHA is the most common and has small molecular structure. It can be utilized as an effective ingredient in the skincare products. Although it is effective, it can be irritating. Individuals, who are new to the AHA products, should apply this compound in low concentrations – 8-10 percent. There are various glycolic acid products available which can be little humectant in nature.
  • Lactic acid: This kind of AHA is also used in abundance. These compounds usually have larger molecular structure than glycolic acid. Lactic acid is usually obtained from milk. This chemical compound can be effective for those with sensitive skin. People having rosacean skin can easily opt for the lactic acid products. Just like the glycolic acid products, lactic acid products are humectant in nature.
  • Mandelic acid: Although this compound is the least common AHA type, it is the preferred choice for those who are suffering from acne. Unlike glycolic acid, this chemical compound requires more time to work effectively on skin and it is less irritating. The compound has large molecular structure and it features anti-microbial or anti-bacterial properties. Bitter almonds are the primary source of this chemical compound. Like other AHAs, this compound is moderately humectant in nature.
  • Citric acid: This AHA is commonly used for adjusting the pH in skincare products. This ingredient is added to enhance the effectiveness of skincare products. FDA allows the inclusion of this compound in the products without having to list them on the packaging. This AHA type is often present in skincare products like moisturizers, toners, soaps, and cleansers. This class of AHA can be used for exfoliating your complexion. This compound, when applied topically, is capable of splitting down protein bonds linking living and dead skin cells. This helps to shed the old and dead skin cells. People affected by enlarged pores or acnes can utilize citric acid products to remove dead cells which clog the pores.
  • Tartaric acid: This AHA type is a well-known compound in the skincare and cosmetics industry. This compound is frequently utilized as an important ingredient in different cosmetic or personal care products like anti-aging products, sun protection products, hair conditioners, shampoos, skin toners, and facial moisturizers. This compound is neither basic nor acidic. Therefore, it is normally used as pH adjuster in cosmetics or personal care products. This class of AHA has exfoliating properties and it also helps to hydrate your skin. This compound makes your skin more translucent and smoother by helping in shedding dead and old skin cells. It can also effectively prevent the aging effects by stimulating collagen production.

Dosing of AHA

Alpha-Hydroxy-AcidsIn order to treat aged and wrinkled skin, it is advisable to utilize AHA products having glycolic acid, gluconolactone, tartaric acid, or lactic acid in 8 percent concentration. Gluconolactone can also be used in 14 percent solution. The products are generally applied twice daily to the skin. Those who are suffering from scars of acne can use facial peels containing glycolic acid for improving the condition. The peels should be applied in increasing strength (20 percent, 35 percent, 50 percent, and 70 percent). People, who do not wish to use the facial peels, are advised to utilize the 15 percent glycolic acid in lotion. You can utilize 10 percent glycolic acid in lotion to lighten the brown patches associated with melasma. This lotion should be used for 2 weeks.

Know about Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHAs

The BHAs are those organic compounds which consist of hydroxy functional group and one carboxylic functional group. These groups are divided by 2 carbon atoms. This class of compounds is normally used in cosmetics and personal skincare products. Salicylic acid is the best-known BHA that is often utilized as the important ingredient in skincare products. BHAs have the amazing ability to penetrate into pores and are ideal for those who have oily skin and are prone to acne. The BHAs can help you in reducing the excess oil on the skin surface and also in removal of the blackheads.

BHAs or beta hydroxy acids are excellent exfoliants. They cause the skin to become “unglued” and thereby facilitate the shedding of dead or old skin cells. This helps in the re-growth or regeneration of new skin. By topically using the BHAs regularly for 6 months, you can easily improve mottled pigmentation, roughness, and wrinkling of photo-damaged skin. It has been observed that BHA products are most effective at pH 3-4 and in concentration of 1-2 percent.

BHAs and Sun Sensitivity

Although BHAs are considered effective in preventing the damage of photo-aging, it has also been observed that BHAs increase sun sensitivity. Therefore, many dermatologists and doctors prescribe their patients BHA products along with a good sunscreen containing UVA or UVB protection.

BHA and Irritation

Although BHAs penetrate deeper into pores, they are less irritating than the AHAs. This is mainly because salicylic acid, the abundant BHA, is obtained from aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid. Salicylic acid features all the anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin. In spite of having such properties, BHAs can cause skin irritation. Some of the symptoms associated with skin irritation include scarring, pain, itching, burning, and redness. People having darker complexion are at greater risks of scarring with the BHAs.

Important Guidelines about using BHA products

The BHAs or beta hydroxy acids are normally found in various skincare products like sunscreen, eye cream, cleansers, moisturizers, and foundations. Here we share some guidelines about the right formulation of hydroxy acid that should be used.

  • The BHA should be used in a single moisturizer base. This combination of products is often considered as the best.
  • Since BHAs need to be absorbed in skin, cleansers containing BHA are not usually effective. The absorption process takes time and the cleansers are generally washed off prior to the completion of the absorption process.
  • At the moment, there are no products which combine sunscreen and beta hydroxy acid effectively. This is mainly because sunscreen is unstable at the pH which is required to make BHA effective.
  • People using BHA products should liberally apply a good quality sunscreen. For providing UVB protection, the sunscreen should be at least SPF 15. For providing UVA protection, the sunscreen should consist of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and avobenzone.
  • The BHA products are most effective at pH 3-4 and in concentrations of 1-2 percent.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic AcidThis chemical compound is actually the most frequently used beta hydroxy acid in the cosmetics and personal care product industry. Just like other BHAs, the salicylic acid can be effectively used in the treatment of various skin disorders like warts, ichthyosis, acanthosis nigricans, keratosis pilaris, corns, calluses, psoriasis, acne, and seborrhoeic dermatitis. In order to treat calluses, you must apply petroleum jelly containing salicylic acid in 6 percent concentration. After keeping it for one hour, you need to wash it off. Salicylic acid acts as a comedolytic, bacteriostatic, and keratolytic agent. It causes the old or dead epidermis cells to shed readily. This kind of BHA is useful in preventing pores from getting clogged, opening of clogged pores, promoting cell growth, and neutralizing bacteria.

The key difference between BHAs and AHAs lies in their lipid solubility. The BHAs are lipid soluble, while the AHAs are water soluble. The BHAs are effective for those people who have oily skin with whiteheads and blackheads. On the other hand, AHAs are suitable for sun-damaged and thickened skin.