Gold Uses

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Orogoldskincare – The Uses of Gold

From a showpiece for the rich and the powerful to a form of currency, from a monetary standard to a tool for healing, gold has been revered in cultures across the world for centuries. It has always been considered as one of the most unique metals in the world and its amazing properties make it indispensable to mankind. Gold is extremely malleable, it doesn’t tarnish, it conducts electricity and it is extremely easy to work with as well. Moreover, it has that mesmerizing luster and enchanting shine. It is because of these unique properties that manages to make its way in some form in almost all spheres of life. Here is a small list of some of the main uses of gold in the modern day world.



Gold is considered to play an extremely important role when it comes to lubricating mechanical parts, coating the insides of space vehicles to protect the humans from heat and infrared radiation and conducting electricity. It is the unique properties of gold that allow it to do all these tasks with relative ease, thereby making it indispensable to the aerospace industry.

gold is used in space shuttles, lubricating mechanical parts and keeping radiation away from the passangers


Computers and Electronics

Gold is known to be an extremely efficient conductor of electricity. This gives it the ability of being able to carry minute electrical charges and it is because of this unique property that some amount of gold can always be found in most electronic devices such as televisions, GPS units, mobile phones, etc. Gold can also be found in computers and laptops as it helps in the transferring of information quickly because of the fact that it is a highly efficient conductor of electricity.

Motherboard - gold conducting electricity


Investing and Finances

Gold was known to be a natural currency for as many as 6000 years. It was always considered to be extremely valuable and rare. There was a time when the United States used to hold its currency to a gold standard. The value of gold has also been on a rise ever since the turn of the millennium. Gold is considered to be a possible stability factor for an uncertain economy. It is also known to be an ideal form of investment. In fact, investing in gold coins, gold bars and the gold bullion is extremely popular.

Gold is used in Finance and Investing



Almost 78% of the gold that is consumed on a yearly basis is used up in jewelry. Despite the advent of various forms of jewelry, gold jewelry still remains to be extremely popular all over the world. One of the main reasons for the immense popularity that gold enjoys as a base for jewelry is that it looks extremely beautiful and is highly durable.

Jewelry - Gold used in the jewelry market, market share increase in the recent years in economic hardships

Medals and Awards

Almost all prestigious medals and awards that are offered to individuals as a recognition for their excellence is mostly made out of gold. The main reason behind the use of gold is that the metal has always been seen as the most prestigious metal and its rarity and beauty is literally unparalleled. Gold has always enjoyed the highest status symbol and is used for almost everything – right from World Cup trophies and medals to the Academy Awards to the Olympic medals.



Gold has been used in dentistry for generations. It is considered to make the best fillings, bridges and crowns because it is easy to insert, nonllergenic and chemically inert. According to reports, gold has been used in dentistry ever since the year 700 BC. Numerous medical applications of gold have also sprung up over the years. Gold is presently used in certain kinds of radiation treatments. However, gold in medicine is still considered to be uncharted territory and it should take some time before the exact benefits that gold has to offer in terms of medicine can be determined.

Medicinal molecule structure used in scientific labratories

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