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Orogoldskincare – The Orogold Heritage

Roman civilization used gold in skin care routinesOROGOLD Cosmetics is a luxury skin care brand that was established in the year 2008 to provide its consumers with cutting edge skin care solutions that emphasize on offering a luxurious product experience and an emphasis on anti-aging while stressing on individual skin concerns. The anti-aging industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade and consumer demand for skin care solutions that improve the appearance of the skin and make it look younger has increased in leaps and bounds over the years. Orogold was formed to specifically cater to this increased demand and offer consumers with solutions which not only allowed them to improve their appearance, but also enjoy a luxurious experience, whether at home or in the Orogold store.

OROGOLD Cosmetics perfectly combines its goal of offering the latest in terms of skin care with traditional customer service and a high level of customer experience to bring about a wholesome experience that goes beyond the use of the signature ingredient in all OROGOLD products – 24K gold.

Gold has had many uses over the years and one of its most appealing benefits is in terms of skin care. Civilizations have used gold in skin care throughout history. The mention of gold can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, the great Roman civilization, the holy Bible, to old world medicinal relics from China as well as old world civilizations in Asia. Gold is considered to be highly useful as a skin care ingredient even today. It remains to be as valuable  (if not more) and its benefits simply seem to increase with every passing decade.

Gold also helps to represent the essence of the entire Orogold experience – a royalty-like and sumptuous feeling. We believe in offering our customers with a wholesome Orogold experience – right from the time they visit our websites to the time they visit our Orogold Stores, from the time they purchase our products to the time they use them at home. Complimentary facials, freebies and giveaways, free product trials and complimentary one-to-one consultations with in-house skin care specialists are all a part of the OROGOLD heritage and culture.

This culture and rich heritage are the only reasons that OROGOLD Cosmetics has managed to expand into 11 different states in the US as well as have a presence in some of the best cities in the world such as London, Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, Edmonton, Rome, Singapore, Dubai, Whistler, Perth and Singapore.

OROGOLD Store In Los Angeles
The Oak

Customer feedback is an integral aspect of the Orogold heritage as well. We pay great attention to the feedback offered to us by our valued customers. We try and incorporate suggestions and advice into future product lines in order to customize our products as per the exact skin care needs of our products and also try to ensure that the OROGOLD experience for each customer is enjoyable, luxurious and pampered.

Orogold has also attracted significant interest in the world of fashion and celebrities. Our brand ambassador, Denise Richards, swears by OROGOLD products and raves about how OROGOLD Cosmetics have played a huge role in maintaining her skin and making her look beautiful.

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