How to maintain oily skin

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Maintaining Oily Skin- 6 Tips on Going About it the Right Way

If you are amongst those women who haven’t been so lucky in their skin type and are blessed with oily skin, then there is not much that you can do apart from maintaining it well and keeping it clean and healthy at all times. Oily skin can be a pain at times and you might even be prone to pimples – if you have to move about the whole day, it can be really difficult to maintain your skin. However, most if our skin problems can be controlled easily with a little bit of care and caution. Here are some simple ways to look after oily skin and maintain it for years to come.

oily skin

Use the right product

Maintaining oily skin can be done with the proper use of skin care products specific to your skin type. Use skin care products which contain natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. With more and more skin care brands focusing their attention on infusing natural ingredients in a wide variety of products, one can now easily choose them over chemical infused products. Instead of using too many products at a given point of time, focus on 2 to 3 good-quality products designed for oily skin only.

Stick to one product

Stick to one oil-free foaming natural cleanser and clean your face with it every day. Lather into hands and rub on neck and face. Scrub for a few minutes and then rinse off very well with cool water. Pat the face with a soft cloth without rubbing too much.

Drink plenty of water

Women with oily skin must drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day as this helps to clear out impurities from the body, remove toxins and make the skin less oily than before.

Don’t go out under the sun unnecessarily


Avoid the harmful rays of the sun as much as possible as its ultraviolet rays can damage your oily skin permanently. Apply sunscreen lotions when you step out of the house during the day and also wear protective clothing so that your skin does not get exposed to the sun’s direct rays.

Follow a proper regimen

Stay fit by practicing a good exercise regime regularly. The body sweats when we exercise and help us get rid of dirt, impurities and opens up clogged pores that are common in oily skin. It also reduces acne-causing toxins in the body. You can alternately practice meditation and yoga too which not only work wonders for the body but also calm the mind. You should create an exercise regime which includes all types of exercises.

Think before you eat

What you eat helps you to maintain your skin to a large extent. Eating the right foods can help reduce the oiliness in your skin and cleanse it from within. Avoid food items which are processed, high in sugar and calorie content and contain artificial ingredients. Such food items make oily skin look completely dull, rough and lifeless. A healthy diet would be one which contains lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts and healthy fat in proper quantities. You can ask your dietician to create the perfect diet for you.

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