Maintaining Dry Skin – The 5 Must Knows

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Maintaining Dry Skin – The 5 Must Knows

People who experience dry skin will know that their skin is also sensitive and have a low sebum level. As the skin is unable to retain its moisture, it gives a parched look, feels quite tight and uncomfortable especially after taking a shower. While oily skin has its own share of problems, including being prone to skin problems like acne having a dry skin doesn’t help either. If you have dry skin and skin does tend to become dry during the winters, you need to use the right moisturizers. However, using moisturizers by itself may not be enough.

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Your dry skin needs more care and maintenance than other skin types and the best ways to do so have been mentioned below.

Maintain natural oils

Natural oils are produced in the body naturally and protect the skin from dryness. These natural oils can get removed from your body due to factors such as an improper bathing routine and style. It is important to use mild and natural ingredients infused cleansers as harsh chemical soaps remove the oil from the skin. Also, it is vital to use lukewarm water for your shower as hot water can rip off the natural oils and burn the skin. Do not shower for more than 10 minutes.

Be gentle when exfoliating

Though it is true that exfoliating the skin can help eliminate dead skin cells and help moisturizing products to get absorbed properly, too much of exfoliation can cause the skin to become dry as it rips off the natural oils from the skin. Also, one shouldn’t exfoliate too much as once a week exfoliation is more than enough. Avoid the use of harsh exfoliants and use mild ones instead.

Dry skin gently

Be very gentle when you dry your skin as vigorous scrubbing irritates dry skin easily and removes moisture and oil from it. It can increase the dryness in your skin. Air-dry the body much as you can or simply pat dry with a soft and clean towel.

Moisturize really well

For a person with dry skin, it is quite important to moisturize it really well. Using a moisturizer on the entire body and face right after a shower is the best time to do so as the skin locks in moisture when semi-wet and also restores back the skin’s lost natural oils. Use a good amount of cream and ensure that you do not leave out any body parts. Use products which contain lanolin in it as it helps protect the skin and maintain its moisture.

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Apply moisturizers at night

Apply a thick layer of your moisturizer at night and cover your body with protective clothing when done. This allows the skin to absorb all the moisture while you rest without it being exposed to other environmental factors such as the wind, sun or water.

Maintain healthy humidity at home

Use a humidifier at home and office to remove dry air from the environment that surrounds you at all times. Dry air can make the skin dry and itchy. Ensure that you sleep at a cool place at night which is pleasant to be in.

Yu can also try out beauty skin care products that will help you combat dry skin. There are a number of skin care products that will help you to get over the problem of dry skin, you just need to know which one’s right for you.

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