Oro Gold and the Skin Benefits

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How Using OROGOLD Leads to Revitalized Skin

Gold, used since ages, is something that is still the means to define beauty and class today.

Everybody knows about Cleopatra’s love for gold. Queens of yesteryear wore gold to increase their beauty and make their skin radiant and younger-looking. The ritual to wear gold is as ancient as the Egyptian pharaohs and pyramids. The shiny yellow colored metal is still the most bought metal in Asian countries like India where Gold is an indicator of class and status of an individual.

ORO GOLD skin care benefits

However, did you know that apart from being worn an ornament, gold has some amazing skin benefits as well?

Even though it has been a well-kept secret for many years, many people today are aware of the amazing benefits that gold has to offer for your skin.  This is the reason why major skin care cosmetic brands are now using gold as an ingredient in their products. Gold body packs are also becoming increasingly famous with women opting for them from time to time. If you are still not aware of the amazing benefits that this mineral offers you, read on to know about all that it has in store for your body and face.

  • Reduces wrinkles, spots and fine lines

Gold has the ability to activate the skin’s basal cells that reduce elasticity of the skin, reducing fine lines, spots and wrinkles which make the skin look younger and healthier than before.

Gold has ions in it which help to stimulate the skin cells, veins and nerves and increase the flow of blood. This helps the body to eliminate waste easily making it healthier.

  • Prevents premature aging of skin

using gold for skin care

Gold prevents the skin from getting dry which can lead to premature aging. It increases the metabolic rate and keeps the skin well hydrated at all times. Gold helps your skin to age slowly and using it can help you retain that youthful look. In fact, while admittedly the cost of gold is at an all time high today, a reason many of these products containing gold isn’t available as cheaply, you can use gold in small amounts to get some amazing results.

  • Lightens the complexion

Gold can enhance your complexion and make you look fairer with regular use. It keeps the skin looking youthful for years to come. In fact, if you are using a skin product that has gold in it, you can see the effects within a few weeks.

  •  Slows down collagen depletion

In order to keep the body flexible, collagen is produced in the body naturally. However, with age it starts depleting and the skin changes when this happens. Gold can slow down the process of collagen depletion thus making skin flexible for a longer time.

  • Treats sun damage

The skin gets tanned when there is production of black pigments or melanin due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Gold can reduce the production of melanin on the body thereby reducing skin tanning.

  • Treats allergy

It is believed that gold contains medicinal properties and helps to heal all types of skin allergies rapidly. It also has antioxidants in it which reduce acne and make the skin healthy.

  • Treats skin inflammation

Another great benefit of gold is that its anti-inflammatory properties help oxygen to get inside the skin to renew its cells thereby treating inflammation or ulcer skin disorders. With regular use of gold the skin gets rejuvenated and becomes soft to touch.

  • Makes the skin glow

By improvising on the circulation of blood, increasing moisture level and hydration, gold has the ability to give a rich glow to the skin.

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