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OrogoldskincareWhy ORO GOLD?

ORO GOLD Cosmetics is considered to be one of the leading brands of luxury gold skin care products in the world. OROGOLD strives to offer each of its customers with amazing top of the line products that offer them with highly effective results, irrespective of whether they are used in stores or at home. OROGOLD Cosmetics pays great attention to detail and is known to stress a lot of importance on the quality of its products and the level of service in its stores. Great stress is placed on each and every aspect of the OROGOLD  experience – right from the formulation and availability of the product to the color schemes of Orogold stores.

ORO GOLD Cosmetics Caviar Collection

OROGOLD Cosmetics strives to convey a feeling of white opulence to each of its customers. Right from the moment you step into an Orogold store or log onto the Orogold website, you’re bound to feel the warmth of a traditional Orogold welcome. We also make things exciting for our customers with free giveaways, contests and freebies on our website and highly trained staff members and beauty experts in our stores. Orogold is always ready to answer any skin care questions that you might have and assist you in choosing the right products to suit your exact needs.

ORO GOLD Cosmetics has great belief in each of its products and collections and we’re sure that once you try out the products, you’re bound to fall in love with them. Walk into any Orogold store for free samples, try out our products on your skin for free and choose your purchases based on how these products work on your skin. All Orogold stores are fully appointed with plush seating options and comfortable decors which offer you with the perfect background to get pampered. Some of our stores also boast of having a VIP room for those looking for a VIP facial experience with their friends or family away from prying eyes and in complete privacy.

OROGOLD Cosmetics VIP Room Experience

And ORO GOLD products are not just about the perfect in-store  experience. Our products let you feel the same way at home. The lavish and rich packaging makes an Orogold product a striking addition to your makeup table and the highly researched formulations work wonders on your skin to make you look and feel younger and brighter. This helps us to ensure that our clients have the same pampered Orogold experience, irrespective of whether they use the products in our stores or at home.

Gold has a deep connection to the OROGOLD brand. Apart from being the signature ingredient in each OROGOLD product, it also helps in allowing our products to give you that spa-like feel. Gold has always been associated with skin care, right from the time of Queen Cleopatra, the Ancient Egyptian queen who used a gold face mask every night to maintain her exotic looks. Moreover, gold also has a deep lying symbolic connection with the Orogold brand. Its shine and radiance can easily be symbolized with the skin care ideals that OROGOLD has for its customers.

Furthermore, OROGOLD Cosmetics has been constantly working with its research and development department to come up with unique product formulations for your skin care needs. We are extremely confident in the ability of the ingredients used in our skin care products to give your skin a radiant and youthful look.

So whether you’re looking for solutions for skin spots, discoloration, acne, aging or blemishes or you’re looking to treat oily or dry skin, Orogold Cosmetics has an entire skin care collection just for you. We have a separate collection of skin care products for each and every skin need. All of our products are not only easy to use, but are also known to be perfect solutions to nourish and beautify your skin.

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