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OROGOLD Cosmetics
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OROGOLD – ORO GOLD header-products   OROGOLD Cosmetics was formed with the simple ideal of offering the very best luxurious skin care solutions to its customers. All OROGOLD skin care products, irrespective of what skin care treatment they have been designed for, contain the signature ingredient of OROGOLD – 24K gold. This allows the company to ensure that its customers can enjoy the double benefit of treating specific skin concerns as well as addressing anti-aging concerns when using OROGOLD products. OROGOLD has enjoyed immense popularity and success in its skin care line and it has emerged as one of the leading skin care companies that offer gold infused products. OROGOLD believes in constant innovation and it lays down great stress on ensuring that each of its products allow customers to enjoy the very best in terms of skin care. There are a number of OROGOLD and collections that are worth mentioning, but the following are some of the OROGOLD products that can benefit men and women equally.

24K Deep Day Moisturizing Cream

OROGOLD Daily Moisturizer Cream
OROGOLD Daily Moisturizer Cream

The Deep Day Moisturizing Cream contains Vitamins C and E, gold and green tea extracts. This unique combination alone allows it to penetrate into the deeper lying areas of your skin without leaving any residue behind. Moreover, the cream helps to radiate your skin from within and also allows you to make your facial lines and wrinkles less prominent. Although some products take time to show results, you can expect an instant difference to your skin with the Deep Day Moisturizing Cream.

24K Cell Renewal Night Cream

The Cell Renewal Night Cream helps to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin with the help of a non-greasy formula which easily penetrates into your skin and works its wonders from within. This hydrating cream is an ideal option for your nightly skin care routine and it is bound to leave you with younger and healthier looking skin. The main ingredients in the Cell Renewal Night Cream are gold and Vitamin E.

24K Deep Peeling

OROGOLD Daily Essentials Deep Peeling
OROGOLD Deep Peeling

The OROGOLD Deep Peeling has been designed to offer your skin with an extremely powerful cleanse. It helps to remove a small layer of dry skin cells to help you reveal the healthier and youthful skin cells lying underneath. This special formula helps you to revitalize your skin without making it suffer a loss of essential oils or causing irritation. Use this unique deep cleanser once every week for best results.

24K Vitamin C Collection

OROGOLD's Vitamin C Collection
OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection

The OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection helps to purify the skin by removing the dirt buildup, freshen up and energize the skin by infusing antioxidants such as tangerine fruit extracts and witch hazel extracts and help the skin to maintain its moisture levels while ensuring that it empowers the skin to fight the signs of aging. The Vitamin C Collection includes a unique facial cleanser, an enriched Vitamin C mask and a Vitamin C Booster Facial serum. The serum should be used on a daily basis after cleansing your face. Use the mask once or twice a week for best results.

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